They've tied me with shackles of humanity

set me free!

they've pinned me down to a table

and lashed at my modernity

they've whipped me black and blue

under the name of law

they've curbed my mouth and taped it

restricting my freedom of speech.

All this with me 'FREEDOM'

how freedom is not free!

how in the garb of mankind society is a bee

how it stings and burns

and freedom, yelps out a plea.

Tie that humanity with shackles

which lashes down at me

then rips me naked

to mock my liberty

whip them till their sores have opened

and let law see

for once let her not be blindfolded

with scales of grime and greed.

Let me ,FREEDOM,speak for once

for once to save my skin

to tell all that freedom is freedom


the freedom TO KILL!

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