Dedicated to the modern State of Palestine and all martyrs
Deepak Sarkar,



Palestine O Palestine!

Reminiscence of the Ancient time!

The first recorded civilization of human kind

Once prosperous City-States of creative minds!


Linking ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Assyria -

Your culture and goods reached ancient China and India!

A free land with high spirit known in history as Canaan

Where vibrant communities celebrated life by the Mediterranean!


Your peaceful festive society and culture -

Ended with Partisan God's worldly adventure!

As Israelites burned your civilization with deadly massacre!

Ending thriving natural life style in nightmare!

Inflicting endless diasporic migration of despair!


You witnessed wars, occupations, annihilation in repetition!

Bloodshed and revenge covered once pure land with pollution!

Influx of people found home surviving migratory persecution -

Some destroyed you while others blended in cultural unification!


Your modern democracy was destroyed at inception -

As the powerful evil force besieged you with obsession!

But you rose again from the ashes of oppression

As an inspiration to the dream of worldwide freedom!

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