by dominic jordan, 18, baltimore, md

She says what she doesn't mean, she means what she doesnt say. U think u kno what she's thinkin, but she thinkin another way. She knows how to turn u on, but sits on the bench when it's time to play. She wants to kno how much she's means 2 u, even if that bitch is mean 2 u. She says she hate the petty, and wants u 2 b real. So u tell her how u really feel. U let her in your world. Get a lil comfortable so u let her kno that u want her 2 b ur girl. U call her the next day no answer, the next day still no answer. When u finally get her, u ask her what happened? U crack a smile cuz u never saw nobody make up a lie any faster? She says I was busy, I didn't kno that u called. Ur anger builds up as ur self esteem falls. Now u feel stupid for actually gettin in this far. Shorty was diggin u when u liked her from afar. It's crazy right, yea I kno. She loves u so much more, the less she knows.

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