A Crazy Story by Dominic Jordan Baltimore MD 17

Ayo don't u hate it wen u c a chic u tryna get down wit. U tell ur homebois they like lil mama a freaky lil bitch. But u don't pay them niggas no mind. u figure they just some haters who work overtime. So u c her one day u decide 2 man up. I saw u awhile ago and thought I gotta speak at least so hello is wat im sayn just. And wats ur name and number that would b a plus. So u book her and bring shorty 2 the crib. U thinkn she a dime and u bout 2 dig. She keep a koolaid smile and continues 2 take a trip downtown. She eatin u u loving u bend her over u fuccin it. She ridin u her eyes say she want u her body is hypnotizing. Pulls out catches it cuz u not cummin inside of it. Go 2 sleep 2 wake up all ur shit banged up. U check the stash and u short a few stacks and a note that says thanks for the donation it was the highlight of my life. U layen there stuck...money gone coohie gone ur pride committed suicide.

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