valentines poems

A Celebration of Valentine's Day with Poems of Passion

P O E M S  O F  L O V E


When we were young, I just knew I would find you.
I might not of known you,But I knew what you were feeling.
The day we met I knew it was you,The one in my dreams.
When I think of you I know my prayers have been answerd.
All now that I can hope for is that you will always love me.
And when the day comes that we shall part,and leave one another....

Just think tomorrow we will meet again.




Sometimes I feel,That this might be the end.
But you always reasure me and say that this is only the begining.

You say that you love me, But sometmes I wonder.
Like when you say the things you do.
I love you and even though I get confussed, I know that you love me.

And I will never let you forget this...
We have made it this far, we are here till the end!


Of Lines


Again today,
Lines crossed
As roads do.

Hard lines of boundaries
Self imposed, perhaps,
Yet not mine.

And soft outlines
Waist flaring to hips
As you bend,
For dropped tea.

And at the crossing
Of the highway and
The road home, I
Waved as you passed
And walked the line
Away with my desire.




Sounds of white soaring gulls fill the ears of my memory,
golden sand, hot to our feet, cast our steps, together.
Deviled crab, barbecue, and iced tea caressed our tongues,
as the night breeze blew across the bay,
we made love in the sand, by the old boat house.

A rainbow of bikinis fill my eyes full of tan flesh,
I think of the parts of you that remain unstained.
pure and hidden from the sun but not from me.
As the night breeze blew across the bay,
we walked hand in hand in love forever.

Our stars are flying fish on the deep green sea,
while melodies of crashing surf beat in time with our hearts.
Love made us virgins anew, children at play once more.
As the night breeze blew across the by,
together we'd dream, and spend bubble gum money.

Hours were spent in not too deep serious conversations,
later our bodies and kisses filled our senses like stars,
our best new friend, Mr. Moon was the only witness,
as the night breeze blew across the bay,
of our selfish, unleashed frenzied passions together.

Your perfume was the smell of the tranquil ocean,
and you made me believe I could change the man I am.
Deep down inside, my cynical heart beat as fast
as the night breeze that blew across the bay.
Hope was high, together we sought our perfect world.

Summers never last long enough in the north,
days grow shorter as the night expand his darkness.
Hot silver days turn deep gray, turbulent and windy,
as the night breeze blew across the bay.
We gathered our clothes to seek another shelter.

Love, like the mighty tide ebbs and flows,
we sometime find ourselves stranded like fish in a tidal pool.
Our love became beached on a sandbar at low tide.
As the night breeze blew across the bay,
I look and wonder why, I was foolish enough to say good-bye!

Winter leaves the beach as empty and barren as our lost love.
Now you're married to someone else leaving me alone getting old,
with only my memories of that bright special summer when
as the night breeze blew across the bay,
we made our promises never to part in a white boat.

The sunshine of your happy smile has turned into
a rainbow of an unfriendly empty frown special for me.
All I am left with are eyes full of tears of days
when the night breeze blew across the bay.
I walk in the rain in the sand, my hand and heart are empty.

Frozen winters never last forever, as nothing ever does.
Gone now is the wondrous joy we shared when we were one,
now our lost love is as empty as our foot prints in the sand.
As the night breeze blows across the bay,
I stare into the night and see the us of way back then.

I'm still on the beach but you went inland.


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