T  H  E     N  E  W     P  O  E  T  S


by "Street" from New Jersey, USA

Sometimes you do something you think you never would do
it just for crazy people not people like you
but sometimes things happen that you didn't plan
no matter how hard you try you can't understand

something like that happen to me today
i never ever thought i would act this way
i tried everything else so i didn't have to do it
i never saw myself ever doin' this shit

first i was asking for change in front of a store
but people act like they daunt even see me no more
i went to the pizza place to see if they need help
but they already got somebody so it was up to myself

i was tired and hungry and feeling real sad
i was out of ideas and getting real mad
i don't want to steal or hurt anyone
but of all my ideas all that was left was one

i look all around and went to the back
of this hamburger place they call the Shack
i was so embarrassed and so upset
i never did nothing as sick as this yet

it something i really don't understand
i took food out of the garbage can
i bag of hamburgers they threw away
how do you explain and what do you say

i hid in the back and look all around
and ate from the garbage and forced it all down
it made me cry and then i got sick
i just aint use to nothing like this

i aint a bum and i aint crazy
i want to work and i am not lazy
but nobody saw me like i wasn't there
maybe they busy or just don't care
i never wanted my life to be this way
but that's how it was on this cold rainy day


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