Have you ever made love to the rhythm of the rain?
Have you ever written rhymes to the wind in the trees?
Pale soft in visions of silvery white dancers,
All lining up to give bows to their queen.
Whispering wind through the flight of the windows,
Tiny wet monsters racing down to the earth;
Trading places with circles of rain colored light.

Have you ever dreamt of finding love in a pool hall?
Have you ever seen fortunes through empty whiskey glass bottoms?
Smoked voices and laughter with the smack of a stick,
Sending 8 colored worlds into a new revolution.
Like dysfunctional green galaxy proving big bang theories;
with smoke as a blanket with beer breath pollution-
Love will smack you, on queue, into black hole solutions.

As sure as kisses are snuck behind theater buildings,
As sure as teenagers f*** in back seat affairs:
I will find you whenever I want to-
I will find love wherever I go.
But can I find you in rain soaked new dresses?
But can I find you in wind brazen hat hair?
Do you frequent pool halls with my name on your shoulder?
Or is love just a picture to pull out of your purse
For strangers you meet in my heart just a q-ball
For this game that you play with my mind- in the rainstorm of life?


Andrew Jimenez is a High School student in South Florida. He was born in New York and plans on returning there and attending NYU. When he is not busy with school work, Andrew spends time writing plays, writing music and writing poetry that reminds him of his youth in New York.

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