poetry by
Angelica Paul



'Goldy' in the fishbowl
led a happy life
with cured tap water,
artificial algaes for disguise.

The food though processed
never needed to be searched
and his home was cleaned
every weekend with rehearse.

All was well until
the owner realised
he had trapped Goldy
from a blissful life.

So he let Goldy go
in a river nearby
happy to see him
embrace the wild.

But alas! Goldy
the city bred fish
lost in his new world
of filth and reek

was no longer golden
but a yellow so weak
frail and heartbroken
with nothing to eat.

So we realise
how natural is nature
for a fish domesticated
in an urban culture

or, is it because
that nature once natural
all raped and tortured
is now,a mortal.


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