poetry by
Daniel Hopkins


American Flag Floor Mat

My country is to me,
A Despotic misery

A class of life, a race of dead
A gluttonous glow from Gorgons head

A love affair a priest a prevaricator
A secret pact no foursquare adulterator

A wounded eagle once refulgent
A Abient weasel once abluent

The righteous die and the wicked live on and on
To hide the key that sets us free from utter oblivion

That's why I masturbate on the flag and use it for my mat
To tred and shred its sundry threads then give it to my cat


What need a wordsmith for correct speling?
Is letter or meaning in effect compelling?
Language based on conventional tradition
Is a mob that talks and we all listen
In a swamp of passion slang may still spawn
When it is in fashion to Simplify expression

Equal Plan

For an equal plan we must understand
Justice is not just a right of man
It's a contract of blood shared by all
Sentient creatures big and small
Different creatures with common sense
Beseech a God for recompense
To quell the sting and protect the meager
From feverish chills and egos eager

Each is all one and nothing is alone

Understand lands, their various orders and ages
All points enter one point so say the sages
Enter in the Nadir Emerge in the Zenith
Decay on your tooth is a crater Behemoth
A quadruplex of creatures inside everyone
Each is all one and nothing is alone
Permeate echoes that pervades the Cosmos
Demolisher of nothing please piss on Momos
Including all other villains who are the mad hatter
Grow into the unskewed view of the nature of the matter

Diamond Moonlight of liberation

Diamond moonlight of liberation wax eternal
Free black seed and shed your kernel
Let auspicious spirits with grandiose might
Rain mountain like thunderbolts day and night
Till the Gales of all worlds stop the flow
Of the shore less sea of sufferings undertow

Egalitarian protectors and nourishers of all
Lead the misguided lest they fall
Manifest far reaching spiritual power among the masses
Teacher less wisdom teaches less classes
According to conventional norms provisionally teach
Your infinite adornments and un-speak able speech

Words are not meaning

Descriptions are not what they seem to be
They may be right, and contradictory

A jellyfish has form, yet it is has none
People are the same, but they are not one

A seed is a start however it is not a beginning
The Earth is turning and we are not spinning

A word is not a meaning, but meaning is a word
In a dream I was screaming and nothing was heard!


Women, I come home from work and you better
have supper ready! And don't you dare eat
you do not deserve to. Crawl in the corner
while I eat! Tonight is the first frost of
the year and I want you to sleep outside!
Late at night I go outside and I see the
women-you- and I notice your placid brow,
truly the most peaceful demeanor the cold
wind blows all your troubles away!! I try
to sleep at night, however the wind never
carries away my troubles

Hell dwellers

They live in the ever-flowing river of constant disintegration.
Cherishing wrong views never knowing an end to discrimination.

Crooked hearts, psycho fanatic and in sincere.
Less than zero without a true hero to revere.

Hungry ghosts they are pitiful creatures indeed.
Parasites that hide from light on ignorance they feed.

Messengers of hell you are the graveyards swell, how dose it feel
To urn and burn and never learn to stop the never ending wheel?

Incestuously itching because the Force of selfish passion.
I will not forsake you; you are the source of my compassion!


A Smile free from delusion and confusion in the world.
Is A Zillion rays of light!
That is why I fell down at the Buddha's sight!
His body of expression and nuance
Where like the clouds from the moon parting away!
His Majestic deportment and wisdom uncontrived
Reminded me of the sun in the summer sky!
His placid brow was like an Elephant floating on a leaf!
I noticed the animals around with subdued claws and teeth!
An analogy to decipher for why I thanked him on that day
He changed my diaper and gently spanked me on my way!


You acquire no wealth, and travel in stealth; you are a mystery to me.
You are a particular Devotee- rooted in religious austerities.
You are stern yet subdued, and Firm but not rude.
Nimble and deft your breath is like the sea
Never one to take a seat in front of company.
A tree is your home but you abide in equanimity.
Your mind is refined from self mortification
Well grounded and without hesitation.
You hardly speak and this is why I wonder
How is it that your silence sounds like thunder?!!

Little Joey's autumn dreams

Little Joey's autumn dreams where filled rotten freaky screams
Reflecting on the years of past
A wretched priest, the spell was cast!

"O' not to dam our mother" his
Brother said "Bad luck befalls the calls of the Dead"

But I remember a sea of autumns past
Mama took the gun to shield me once at last!

A priest, or at least a priest he claimed to be
He had his way with her then he had his way with me

And he told his brother things are not what they seem
The gun was spent, our mama went, and so did gentle dreams

I do not blame her for the reasons she let him come and stay
I blame her for the seasons she would let him feast and prey!

I blame her for the rituals on witch he undertook
I blame her for her trust and it was in a book

Brother do not trust in a god or any nameless form
I will be your God I will lead you through the storm.


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