poetry by
Kimber Gutierrez


The Tragedy You Never Knew
Kimber Gutierrez

There once was a girl who was so alone.
She had no real friends, she never used the phone.
In social situations, she tried to hide.
At home by herself, she always cried.
No one knew the pain she felt,
or the horrible life that she was delt.
She decided to end her sad life.
So she went to the closet and pulled out a knife.
She slit her throat with one solid stroke.
"I only wanted love," were the last words she spoke.
At the funeral, no one shed a tear.
Her screams were important, but they didn't hear.
This story could happen, it could be true.
This was the tragedy you never knew.


Kimber Gutierrez

Steel cages, tormenting my heart.
Cold enough to tear me apart.
Trapped inside with all these tears.
Thoughts of you, my worst fears.
Living alone without your love.
Hate me now because i'm above.
Don't trust what holds me in.
Can't wait for you to love me again.
I'm so sick of trying.
My loneliness left me crying.
Now i'm dying.
And i can't stand your lying.
But what can i say?
You left things this way.
Pain down deep inside.
Trapped with nowhere to hide.
No one to hold me anymore.
I'll bleed to death on this cold hard floor.
Darkness now is all i see.
Trapped is all i'll ever be.


This New Heartache
Kimber Gutierrez

We're running through fields, I'm gonna chase you down.
You stole my heart when we fell to the ground.
Butterflies bleeding and screaming today.
I'll never be able to have my way.
You said it was "till death do us part."
But all you did was break my heart.
I'm crying blood, and bleeding tears.
I'll show you my worst fears.
Together we'll make it through.
I can't get over you.
Please tell me i'm not the only one that feels this way.
I'd rather die than be alone today.
Let's be honest, you never really loved me.
So i'll put on this fake smile for everyone to see.
I'll run until i break.
I'll make the best of this new heartache.


Only In My Dreams
Kimber Gutierrez

When you feel everything's gone wrong,
or you feel you don't belong.
When no one else is here for you,
my love will always come through.
When you want to be held,
or share a simple kiss.
Remember, it's only you i'll always miss.
When you're alone,
and the rain is falling.
Listen closely, and you'll hear my heart calling.
It's okay to cry, because when you're done.
You'll finally realize you're my only one.
When you decide you're ready to care,
meet me in the stars, i'll always be there.
No matter how long, it may take a while.
I'll be there to greet you with a beautiful smile.
I'll say, "hello love. i've missed you so.."
I'll place your arms around my waist not wanting to be let go.
I'll wake up and see none of this is real.
Then i hear you whisper, "meet me in the stars, i'll be here still."
I'll cry very softly, nothing is as it seems.
My heart is yours and we'll be together forever,
even if only in my dreams.


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