poetry by
Midnight Poet (Calvin Murphy)


The Honor of battle

For every lie there is another,
Why is it that I fight my brother,
A curtain of confusion,
Thrown over your head,
Creates a grand dilution,
For which many have been rendered dead,
It's valor that you cherish,
But blood spill you sustain,
And you ought to know you'll perish,
And cause countless others pain,
And if you dare think that you're noble,
You truly are insane
, The cycle has grown global,
Yet still there is no gain,
And even though to those in power it's a game,
If your heart should swell with shame,
You need but a mirror to point the blame,
So beg you take the time try,
To see the starving children cry,
Count the nameless soldiers as they die,
And I leave you with this question,

Break Me

Crush me,
Break me,
God forsake me,
I stand tall,
But want to fall,
Truth is I am so small,
With all that has gone wrong,
I still seem to be strong,
Trapped in mediocrity far to long, Look me in the eye,
That is always dry,
Not knowing how it yearns to cry,
So here is the deal,
Surface image just won't peal,
What's not injured can not heal,
Giving up wondering how,
I beg you please break me now.

The Most Beautiful Flower

Blossom does this flower,
Right into a seed,
In poison rain you shower,
As your confidence recede,
So cruel the world has been,
Look what it's done to you,
But still there's beauty within,
Believe this truly so I do,
Wilted peddle and stem I hold in my hand,
My emotions surge I will hold more tight,
No flower so beautiful in all the land,
And I will show it to the light,
In hopes it may grow,
I pity a world that does not see,
Such great beauty they do not know,
But it consumes the heart of me,
The Midnight Poet.

Something Missing

I seem to have everything I want and need,
Yet there is something missing deep inside me,
I lack societal ambition known as greed,
I can't seem to become what I ought to be,
Gravity gets stronger this day,
But a blur the words you say,
I want to get on my way,
Yet in my bed I'm forced to stay,
Capable only but to lay,
I am so young yet feel so old,
The world is getting o so cold,
Can't find a reason on which to hold,
Like Ponyboy no longer staying gold,
So now I will just fade away,
Into sleep as I lay,
In slumber nightmares go away,
But it still might be Ok,
For tomorrow I wake to a new day,
By: The Midnight Poet


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