Poetry by Robert Vary


Dreaming of Redemption

Sitting in silence dreaming of redemption,
reality and dreams elevated in suspension,
can't do this job til I collect my pension
Spilling out my thoughts relieves a little tension,
inspiration of course gets a little mention,
Why bob Marley died,
did he fulfil his true intention,
he sang a song,
a song of redemption,
he touched our soul and gained our attention,
he broke down the barrier of discrimination,
he dreamed of a future,
an undivided nation,
just like in the beginning,
the dawn of creation.



The Rat Race

Running through lifes rat race,
Losing sight of its meaning,
It's not about the running,
But what we gain from the journey.
Human nature can be a little bit destructive,
Wanting what we ain't got,
Not enjoying what we're stuck with,
Enjoy your children growing and guide them up the path,
Remember all the good times,
The things that made you laugh,
When your faced with sorrow,
Lift your head and smile,
Who knows what's in your future,
It might be better than the past.



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