poetry by
Steve Moore


Death of a World we Once Knew

Lost in the hazy mind of the recluse,
look no further lest ye be reduced,
to a smoldering pile of self loathing filth,
only begotten by your one true self.

What comes, what goes, what must be done,
is typically left unfinished by everyone.

To rape the value from the land,
is something abided by, by all hands.

Give in to corporate rule,
standing out at all, is to be a fool.

You'll never win this eternal fight,
no matter how much you struggle, you'll never have the right,
to breath real air and eat actual food,
thus is a luxury so few of us could afford to use.

Instead we're trapped in our bar-less cage,
oblivious to the other puppets, dancing on stage.

We know not reality, or any other natural orders,
divided not by differences, but only by our boarders.

Separating us all by what can't be seen,
a product not of god, but of timeless machines.

Giving all, supplying none, stuck in this never ending pun,
we dare not laugh, nor shed a tear,
for threat of repercussion,
leaves us wading in our own fear.

Only cold, metal constructs can survive this new age,
while we live off our own shit, like rats in a cage.
Unable to digest the truth of the world,
yet unbeknownst to us, is what was never unfurled.

If only we had the power, to stand up and fight,
yet revolution is a dream, a fleeting fancy of flight.

And yet, once upon a time,
the world was oh so divine.

To entice imagination of a young child's mind

But no longer will the new generation wonder,
or hope, or dream, or ever even ponder,
on the things that used to be, but will come no longer.

Such as the days when we still felt safe,
able to walk the streets without avoiding turbulent strafe.

Unconsciously wearing a grin full of shit,
unafraid of the world, and the things held within it

Now, they are programmed from birth,
to do as they're told, and to show no self worth.
Expendable flocks of nothing but robots,
killing, destroying, breeding, and what not,
all deeds of evil, not a friend in the whole lot.

We can't possibly win, due to the lack of an end,
and you're stuck here with me, you and all your friends.

From here on the road only gets worse,
for thus is humanity, and this is our curse.

The hole is too deep, there's no climbing out,
only thing to do now is wait for the bout.

The inevitable battle of good versus evil,
the only result is the death of true people.

I know it's unfair, yet all of it true,
not a single one of us, will make it through.
So don't resist, don't run, don't hide,
nothing you do, will help you to survive.


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