poetry by eleanor davis,     
south london, uk     


  Little Miss Perfect

It's always raining
So why do you smile?
Do you laugh at the world
In it's miserable void,
Or just at me?

I wish I could one day
Wipe that smile from off your face
And show you the despair
That you never never face.

So one day will be grey
And you too will be grey.
Join in with the troubles
And I will laugh back.


First Love

When I can smell you
The tears roll down my cheeks
How could you do this to me
And leave me so weak?

I cannot forget you
You left something with me
When you left..
And every day the invisible
Scar gets deeper.

You really hurt me.
I thought you were something
But you turned away,
And I will never be free.


Last Night

I was with you last night,
You were holding me tight
And you made me feel so safe,
Wrapped in you strong, warm arms.



Why did you lie?
To make it right for you
And wrong for me?
You have power over me
So why lie the way you do?

He is gone for good
She for a week
Because of your lies
And I'm still here
So I must ask-WHY?

Your lies are not bitter
They are like a blanket
Covering the truth
And your silence is also a lie
Can't you see?

You did this to us
But you donĂ­t care
You cover your wrongs
And our rights
With your worthless, listless lies.

One day you will be judged
As we have been judged
And I hope someone will lie
As you have lied
And ruined it for us.


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