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Aircraft in Ancient Egypt?

Stone cast hieroglyphic panel 45 x 130 mm (approx 5x2 inches), vintage gold finish, on 110 x 150 mm black acrylic mount with museum display stand.

The ancient world is full of enigmas and few stranger than the inexplicable hieroglyphs found in the ancient temple of Osiris at Abydos. Abydos is linked to the earliest dynasties recorded and in 1993, the oldest tomb ever found was uncovered there, along with the most ancient hieroglyphs ever discovered. The Osiris Temple was built much later, by Seti I, who came to power 29 years after Akhenaten. Seti sought to restore the old beliefs and sited the temple in one the ancient areas along the Nile which the Egyptians believed to belong to Zep-Tepi or the "First Times."

According to many fringe researchers and Atlantis proponents, these hieroglyphs depict highly developed aircraft, specifically a helicopter, a jet plane and another saucer-shaped flying craft. If this was a modern picture we would have little doubt that it clearly shows a helicopter next to a stacked formation of three other advanced craft. Many believe that these hieroglyphs, particularly the helicopter image, are irrefutable evidence of ancient technology. As such, the Abydos hieroglyphs have found their place on the list of the ten most mysterious artifacts of the ancient world.

Pictures of the glyphs first made their rounds of the internet in the late 90s, popularized by the Project Duat web site, which existed at the time. The images show not only what some believe to be a helicopter and a jet plane but what also appears to be an airplane dropping a bomb on another. The "helicopter hieroglyph" was further popularized by scientific mystery writer Richard C. Hoagland, who encouraged Fox Television to investigate. The resulting footage of the hieroglyphs was beamed around the world in March 1999, bringing them a new level of fame.


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